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CAM Consulting service is backed up with some great corporate partners providing backbone connectivity to the Internet. We are currently running on a full OC-3 connection directly to our provider through a 155 ATM connection. Below is a reference of common connection speeds. Most Internet Service Providers (ISP) have a single T-1 connection, which is about 1.5 megabit. When we created CAM Consulting we didn't want the bandwidth bottleneck to be us....

Glossary of Connectivity Terms

Bandwidth is the amount of data, measured usually in bits per second, that can be sent through a dedicated (leased) transmission circuit.

Bit A bit is the primary unit of digital data. Written in binary language as a "1" or a "0".

Byte A byte is composed of 8 bits.

56 Kilobit Leased Line A 56 kilobit (56,000 bits per second) leased line is currently the smallest bandwidth transmission data circuit useful in Internet applications. It is also roughly the bandwidth needed for a voice phone call and will be the new speed of high end modems.

T-1 circuit A T-1 circuit or leased line equals 1,544,000 bits per second or 24 56 kbs leased lines.

E-1 circuit An E-1 Circuit (2,000,000 bits per second) is the European equivalent (roughly speaking) of a T-1.

Ethernet is a local area network transport protocol that is one of the most pervasive in the networking industry. It offers a 10 megabit (10,000,000 bits per second) speed for data throughput.

T-3 A T-3 Circuit (45,000,000 bits per second) is the backbone speed of all major national Internet service providers in the US.

OC-3 An OC-3 circuit (155,000,000 bits per second) is the backbone speed that major ISPs will need to be upgrading to some time in 1996-97.

OC-48 An OC-48 circuit (2,400,000,000 bits or 2.4 gigabits per-second) is the typical speed for many aggregated telephone voice circuits on inter city fiber optic lines.

Server Configurations

One of the most common questions we receive is: What are you using to host your accounts?
CAM Consulting is proud to provide service run on Sun UltraSparc Enterprise servers for all our web hosting accounts. Each server has the maximum amount of RAM, and is connected to Andataco's new ESP hard drive enclosures. This system allows hot swapping from a RAID environment during drive failures and not disrupt service to our customers. Each system is connected via OC-3 to a FORE switch, which is connected (aggregated) to ATMnet's national backbone. All of our hosting customers are using Netscape Commerce and Enterprise Server software.

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