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CAM Consulting
Web Design and Hosting

Standard Web Site Package Pricing

Prices as of January 3, 2006



Writing Services fees and Site Design fees
bullet Web page design (up to four pages)
bullet HTML programming where necessary
bullet Graphics design as agreed upon
bullet Two digitized photographs
bullet All copy based upon customer’s input
bullet Links to other Web Sites (six maximum)
bullet Words of text (approximately 200 words per page)
bullet E-mail/phone consultation (Basic one hour consultation plus increased time for more complex Web sites. Long distance charges in addition to package rates quoted.)
bullet Masthead graphic (client-supplied or simple custom graphic incorporating company logo)
bullet Colored lines and bullets
bullet Color/textured background
bullet Site publicity to six different Web index services
bullet Top-of-page graphic for linked pages
bullet E-mail response link on Web pages
$599.00   Web Site Hosting and Domain fees
bullet Your very own domain name (
bullet E-mail account ( setup bullet Site publicity to six Web index systems like Yahoo, Lycos, and Web-Crawler, so prospective customers can find you $260.00 $50.00 Monthly Maintenance fees
bullet Web Site storage (up to 2 Megs)
bullet Unlimited Traffic (hits) bullet E-mail account bullet Weekly access reports bullet Updating (maximum of 2 hours each week)   $150.00 Optional feature fees    
bullet E-mail auto response
$25.00 $25.00
bullet Updating Service in excess of 2 hours
bullet Graphic Service
bullet Additional Web Page
bullet Mail Form Web Page
$165.00 $25.00
bullet 4 Additional E-mail address
$25.00 $25.00


  1. The above table details pricing for the first year only. Assuming the client does not request major changes to Web pages, second-year prices would be dramatically lower. Second year costs consist primarily of monthly Web-page maintenance fees.
  2. Fees to CAMCONSULTING are paid in the following manner: 25% upon execution of contract, 50% upon uploading of first draft of pages to the host computer, and the remaining 25% upon correction of any errors not in conformity with the client's original written specifications.
  3. Prices quoted are in US funds, and are subject to change without notice. Prices are held only by means of a signed contract and a deposit.

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