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Privacy Statement

    For additional information on policies take a look at the CAM Consulting FAQ's (frequently asked questions) To get this page e-mailed to you, send a mail message to:

    CAM Consulting regards it's clients information with utmost respect and care. We believe it's important that our clients should have an expectation that the information they provide to CAM Consulting is held in confidence and is used for internal business only.

    1. CAM Consulting will only collect and store information required for the effective operation of CAM Consulting and its associated companies as an Internet presence provider.

    2. CAM Consulting will from time to time use our customer mailing lists for network updates, system information and general sales information. CAM Consulting may in the future provide opt in mailing lists, but will limit all mailings to those clients who want to participate.

    3. Information on customers usage or traffic will be confidential and will not be made known to any individual or company where this information is not required for the operation of CAM Consulting.

    4. Customers passwords are confidential and will not be made available to any person or company outside of CAM Consulting for any reason whatsoever.

    5. Credit information will be held in confidence however it will be used in any way possible to aid in the recovery of delinquent or defaulting debtors.

    6. All information will be stored as securely as possible while maintaining the ability for authorized CAM Consulting staff to quickly and effectively access this information when required operational purposes.

    7. CAM Consulting will cooperate with law enforcement personnel and legal investigations of our users. All customer information, however, will be private unless ordered by a court to surrender this information.

    CAM Consulting Policies

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