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A letter for Garrett's 1st birthday in Heaven

by Kelly Callaway

This is for my son, Garrett Keith Callaway, who should be celebrating his first birthday August 4, 1998. Unfortunately, SIDS has robbed us of the chance of seeing him past the age of 5 months and 12 days.

31 Jul 1998

Dear Garrett,

I wanted to let you know you are greatly missed. Mommy and Daddy have tried very hard to continue on with our lives, it has been a struggle everyday. One year ago today you came into our lives and changed them forever. I remember seeing you for the first time and telling you I was your Mommy. Your Daddy remembers staring at you and can't believe something so precious was made by us. It goes without saying what a special little boy you are to all of us. I have tried to keep your memory alive each and everyday. Sometimes I walk by your room and open the door, just to smell the baby scent. I have gotten enough strength to pack your room, for you know we are moving. Our house, that we planned to raise you is now ready. Oddly enough, the road is named Garrett Road, we will always remember you and know you are there protecting us. I think you would have enjoyed growing up in the country and playing outside. I am so sorry you won't have that chance.

I am sure you already know, God is blessing us with another child, due in December. In my silly way I feel this is your Christmas present to us, so we won't be alone. We are not sure whether the baby is a little brother or sister for you. I can be positive that whatever we have, they will always know they have a special guardian angel watching over him/her. I hope you don't mind, we are going to let your little sibling use some of your things bought for you. There are some things you never got to enjoy, for that I am sorry. I will think of you when they get to play with the toys, sleep in your crib, eat in your highchair and take walks with Mommy in your stroller. Remember those walks, we had so much fun.

There is a lot of things I want to tell you, say to you, hear from you, but I know that we will see each other again and I will get to hold my sweet angel one more time. I wish I could be with you for your first birthday, give you a party, and share in the joy as other mothers will get to do-for that I am sorry. God has dealt us this hand to play out, and through the hardest times, I remember you, your smile, your laugh, your personality and I smile for remembering you brings joy to my heart.

Continue watching over your Mommy and Daddy and your new brother or sister, we need your help to continue making through each day. Even though the months go by and the pain is not so raw, please know we cry a little each day for the missed memories we did not get to share. Your time was short here on earth, but your memory will forever be etched in our minds as our Little Angel.


We love and miss you so very much,

Mommy and Daddy

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