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Death, Dreams, and SIDS

Written by Aunty Jenn
in loving memory of
Faith Justine Martinez

This is her story. She would be 5 and a half years old

Faith was born on March 4, 1991 she was 4 weeks early but she was kicking and screaming and weight a little over 5 pounds. She had pneumonia she had to stay in the hospital for eleven days in ICU the nurses were glad to see her leave because she had her Grandpa Mike's temper. An when she was poked or touched she fought back. Plus she had so many toys and stuffed animals that we were taken over the room. When she came home she was on oxygen for a week and then she was declared a clean bill of health.

My sister not the baby's mom but my other sister had a dream that our family my two sisters and my mom were all at a hospital in the hallway where my mom stood she was crying as my sister got closer my sister heard "the baby is dead". She woke up and told my mom the dream no one thought any more of it until two days before Faith was to turn five months old she died of SIDS. We were living that dream. That was the worst day of our families life. Because Faith was are new hope she was are FAITH. My father had died two years before her birth. But it was different not easier but different. We knew 4 years before he died that he was going to die he had a deadly disease (A.L.S. a form of MD) no cure. But our Faith we thought we won all the battles the first two and a half weeks of her life. Only to have SIDS take her.

The day she died when my sister's, sister in law found her. My brother in law started CPR and my sister was pushed out of the room when Tammy started crying and praying she later realized that she was not asking GOD not to take her Baby but she was asking our dad not to take the baby.

Two days after Faith's death I had a dream of my father and Faith I had never had a dream about my father before this.

In the corner of the room my dad was sitting in a chair holding Faith tickling her feet the way he did with all babies Faith laughing away. I told him "you always wanted to see your first grandchild and now you have her" he replied "I wish I hadn't gotten what I wanted this time" I asked "Why did you take her Dad ?" he replied "I didn't want too, I had too. But let them now I have her and she is with me". Then he got up and walked away towards the light with Faith laughing and Smiling.

I told my sister about the dream and she was at peace to know her baby girl was with her Dad. I believe this is the dream that gave our family the peace of mind to move on with our lives. Faith was the first child and grandchild and always will be.

My sister Tammy Faith's mom now has too more daughters Angel Marie who is 4 years old and Mariah Jasmine who will be two in December. And my other sister has a daughter too Monique Nicole who is 3 and a half years old. An they all kinda know who Faith is they see her picture and say that's my sister/cousin Faith. My step nephew Randy who was 4 when she died remembers her as the baby that went away. The first time Randy saw my sister (Faith's mom).
he asked " Where's the baby?"
Tammy told him " She went to Heaven"
he asked "Why?"
She said " I don't know?"
he asked "Will she come back?"
she said "No"
He never asked again about the baby but every once in while he goes up to her picture gives it a kiss and says that's Faith she's an angel in Heaven now.

In loving memory of Faith
Aunty Jenn

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