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Wesley Elijah Johnson ("Pooh")

by Connie Johnson
for grandson Wesley Elijah Johnson ("Pooh")
August 26, 1995-October 15, 1995

Connie Johnson of Marietta, Georgia wrote and spoke the following words at the funeral of her grandson Wesley Elijah Johnson ("Pooh") (8/26/95-10/15/95) who died from SIDS. She and Pooh's mother, Jessica Suzanne Johnson, wish to share them with others.

reprinted with permission

The Wisdom of Pooh

Yesterday I was having a very blustery day, full of wind and rain. Last night in my sleep an ole Pooh Bear took my hand and led me to the honey tree. As we sat there he taught me ole Pooh Bear wisdom. Pooh Bears are very wise indeed!!!!

When our talking was done ole Pooh Bear asked me "Do you understand now Christopher Robin?" I replied: "I understand now Pooh Bear, ole Pooh of mine. I believe you will all understand too, once I share this Pooh's wisdom, this ole Pooh love of mine".

When I found out our Pooh had left us, I wanted to rage against God and heaven and everything good. And I wanted to scream.

Then I remembered Pooh and all his love. And of course Jessica's "Why, Why, Why??" Then I remembered an old saying: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Well, I thought Pooh had come to be taught by me. I was wrong. He came to teach me. Teachers come in many forms. This one just happened to come in a very small package. He came to love and be loved by us all. But his lesson was to show us how to love.

In order to teach this lesson, I believe he showed the greatest love of all. Jesus said no greater love has man than that he lay down his life for his friend. Jesus did that to teach us the way. Pooh followed suit, and laid his life down for his whole family.

You see I believe Pooh and God talked. And Pooh said "Father, know what? All these people love me so much. They would do anything for me. But know what father, I want to be a light for you and show these loves of mine how to love each other. Father, let my purpose be to teach love. Let my light shine so brightly that all these people who have old hurts, old pains against each other will be able to reach out, forget these things and love each other. Make it so powerful they shall never forget. The Father answered "Pooh the most powerful way is if you're willing to lay your life down. Because that will bring them together, it will heal relationships, and Pooh they'll never forget you (their teacher) or this lesson. And Pooh, your love will be their light and it will shine forever." And Pooh said "OK!! Because I love them all!"

So last night in my sleep, Pooh asked me, "Do you understand mama?" I said "I understand now Pooh!" He asked me if I would tell them. Well Pooh, here I am! Pooh says as often as you remember, do this in remembrance of me, Love one another! We all needed your lesson Pooh. Thank you! We won't forget!

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