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If you would like your organization listed here, please e-mail the information to sidsnet1-at-sids-network-dot-org.

bullet Pregnancy Calendar | Symptoms and Calculator
Website for all information on your pregnancy week by week as well as giving you pregnancy symptoms and a pregnancy calculator.

Pediatrics; with Vincent Iannelli, M.D.
Parenting: Babies & Toddlers; with Lynn M. Johnson 
Death and Dying
;with Trudy Weathersby 

bullet National Foundation for Abused and Neglected Children  provides information on:
1. Child Abuse,
2. Shaken Baby Syndrome
3. "Tips for Kids" and "What Parents Can Do" to avoid
being victims of youth gang crime and violence;
and what they can do to keep gangs out of their
(source: Marcia A. Jones, 3/20/00,
bullet (
A special FAQ has been created specifically for Loss and Bereavement Resources.
bullet Empty Arms Empty Heart,
"I send out memorial prints, and bereavement packets with mementos and information, poems, sympathy card: All that I design."
With Peace, Love, And Honor,
In Conner's memory: Born still 7/29/97 At 38 Weeks
Kelly Berrigan
bullet David Baldwin's Trauma Info Pages, [Changed] (6/28/99)
bullet Halo Sleep Systems, Inc. -
Dedicated to reducing the risk of SIDS through engineered and tested
products. Supporting SIDS research through various programs including
donating 5% of profits annually.
bullet MedExplorer - - is a free health/medical
search engine for Healthcare Professionals, patients and their families
and General Users alike. There are no membership or registration
bullet Babies On-Line
bullet to1_anim.gif (6852 bytes)
bullet phr_ad.gif (3105 bytes)
bullet wellness.gif (13141 bytes)
bullet athealthogo.gif (2481 bytes) Connecting Mental Health Resources
bullet family honor.gif (8660 bytes) At familyhonor you will find information about parenting, families, medical, a kids page, missing and abused children, pow/mia issues, etc.
bullet ACD home page

We have recently begun a web page for our organization. ACD (Alveolar Capillary Dysplasia) effects about a half a dozen children a year in the US (exactly numbers are not available). It was a tragedy when each of our families went through our loss and could find no one else. Today we have started to remedy this. The ACD Association is dedicated to providing information and support to families and to communicate with the medical community in their ongoing research.

(source: Madonna Myers, founder,, 6/24/98)

bullet Babies Online Search Engine at
bullet Heart-related Links
bullet NEC Corporation (Japanese only)nec.gif (5111 bytes)
bullet Waiting With Love

I'd like to tell you about a new site called . It's for parents who choose to continue a pregnancy after learning their unborn baby will die before or shortly after birth and for parents who learn their newborn will die soon. The URL is

thank you!
Maribeth Doerr (source: Maribeth Doerr, 12/27/97)

bullet Pregnancy & Parenting Search Engine
bullet Debbi Dickinson - Healing Your Grief 
bullet DES Action USA

DES Action USA is a national, non-profit consumer organization dedicated to informing the public about DES (diethylstilbestrol) and helping DES-exposed individuals. We publish a quarterly newsletter, The DES Action Voice, and many publications on various aspects of DES exposure. We also provide a link between DES-exposed people and researchers and the medical community.

bullet A Quiet Place

A commentary on Funeral Service Providers.

bullet I searched and found some Twins Loss Support as follows:

Bereavement Support:
bullet Center for Loss in Multiple Birth, Inc (CLIMB): c/o Jean Kollantai
PO Box 1064
Palmer, AK 99645
(907) 746-6123

Lost Angels, now called L.I.M.B.O. (Loss in Multiple Birth Outreach): to
subscribe send a message
bullet Twinless Twins


bullet SIDS Frequently Asked Questions list posted in
bullet Brandi's Room. Angels, coping and grieving info for parents and families who have lost one or more of their precious children, and related stories and links. (6/14/96)
bullet Hygeia...An Online Journal for Pregnancy and Neonatal Loss. (3/3/96)
bullet Abiding Hearts, Inc. (8/17/99)

is an international support and resource center for parents continuing a pregnancy after prenatal diagnosis of a fatal or non-fatal birth defect.

I feel our group is necessary under PG loss because with prenatal diagnosis, the loss begins when the parents are told that their baby will not survive birth/will be handicapped, not at any actual physical birth/death."

Maria La Fond
Bereaved Parent
President, Abiding Hearts, found at 
P.O. Box 904
Libby, MT 59923
PH: 406-293-4416
website coming soon:

bullet Support Organization For Trisomy 18, 13 And Other Disorders
bullet The Chromosome 18 Registry &Research Society

This site includes a web-based discussion group for T18. There are some trisomy 13 parents who have found a home here too.

bullet National Funeral Directors Association.
bullet American Medical Association - provides information on the AMA, its mission and members, along with abstracts from the Journal of the American Medical Association.
bullet American Academy of Pediatrics - A voice for children for more than 60 years, the AAP is an organization of 50,000 pediatricians dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of infants, children, adolescents and young adults.
bullet National Health Information Center (NHIC).

The NHIC is a health information referral service that puts health professionals and consumers who have health questions in touch with those organizations that are best able to provide answers. NHIC was established in 1979 by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP), Office of Public Health and Science, Office of the Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

bullet Infanlos Family Pages
bullet The Compassionate Friends
bullet Bereaved Families of Ontario
bullet Subsequent Pregnancy After Loss
bullet H.A.N.D.
bullet Newsgroup
bullet Parents Place (Pregnancy Loss BB)
bullet Hygeia
bullet GriefNet
bullet Miscarriage
bullet S.A.N.D.
bullet Invincible Summer (For those who have lost only/all child
bullet I.A.N.D.S.
bullet Pregnancy Complications Support
bullet Bereavement Resources
bullet Grief Counseling Center
bullet Children and Grief
bullet UCC Death of a Child Christian training program
bullet Webster Death/Dying Resources
bullet Tom Golden's Crisis, Grief & Healing
bullet Infertility
bullet Nursing & Health Care Resources On The Net   (3/15/97)
bullet Medical Breakthroughs from Ivanhoe  (2/23/97)
bullet The NurseNetA Home Page Dedicated To Nursing Practice of all Disciplines (1/7/96)
bullet Links to child safety, parenting, and missing children resources. Believing in a brighter future for all children. (1/11/96)
bullet The Contact Center Network, a comprehensive Web directory of over 10,000 nonprofit resources, directories and publications, arranged by geography as well as by issue (10/4/95)
bullet The National Public Telecomputing NetworkHealth and Wellness Center(9/25/95)
bullet Sidran Foundation and Press Books and Resources on Trauma and Dissociation
bullet Mednexus - Contains medical related resources consisting of name, addresses and phone numbers for national and local organizations willing and able to offer information, support, or referrals.
bullet Sleep Medicine Home Page This home page lists resources regarding all aspects of sleep including, the physiology of sleep, clinical sleep medicine, sleep research, federal and state information, patient information, etc.
bullet Emotional Support: Physical Loss, Chronic Illness, and Bereavement: A Guide to Internet Resources. Lots of discussion lists, bulletin boards, etc. dealing with grief and bereavement.
bullet Psychology Self-Help Resources on the Internet
bullet Pregnancy and Health Education Information
bullet Edmund Hayes Home Page links to all of the Medical Professions and to other very useful and fun sites
bullet The parenting resource center on the web
bullet The Good Health Web is an attempt to bring together valuable information about the field of Health.
bullet Bereavement Research Network (2/27/96)
bullet Center for Inherited Disorders of Energy Metabolism (CIDEM). The CIDEM Laboratories are a group of inter-disciplinary, clinical diagnostic laboratories (located in Cleveland, Ohio) which focus on disorders of mitochondrial function that interfere with pyruvate metabolism, fatty acid oxidation, the Krebs cycle, and the electron transport chain. (2/27/96)
bullet Fatty acid Oxidation Disorder Communications network (2/27/96)
bullet Facts About Lead Poisoning
bullet Growth Houseis a private meeting facility for human service organizations dealing with HIV/AIDS, death and dying issues, and bereavement. Our web site also contains pages for hospice information and AIDS/HIV information. Also, we are working on program development for Growth House and would like to add a program related to SIDS or other infant death issues. Do you know if there is a SIDS chapter in San Francisco, or if someone would like to start one? We work with several organizations that offer bereavement programs at our location and would welcome the opportunity to discuss joint efforts in San Francisco.  (5/19/96)
bullet Achoo - Healthcare Directory
bullet On October 23, 1993 my 21 year old son, Michael, was killed in a alcohol related car crash. It was as if my world had ended. Through some valuable resources on the net, and The Compassionate Friends support group, I have been able to experience recovery from my grief....and much joy has returned to my life.Here are some things I wrote and some other Web resources that helped me. I hope they help you too!  (7/5/96)

Help ensure that the Global Internet services
of the SIDS Network continue to grow!

Donate directly to the SIDS Network securely with a major credit card.

Other ways to help can be found here.

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