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"Thinking of you on this Difficult Mother's Day" card

Help make this card a reality!

Start: 5/23/97
Update: 7/13/99

May 23, 1997

My name is Reny Missos. I lost my 2nd son to SIDS 6 years ago. I was active with the support group in Baltimore. A job transfer forced my family to move to Indiana. There are no SIDS support groups here. I am on file at the local hospital for peer counseling when a SIDS death occurs. I wanted to remember a SIDS mom on Mother's Day with a card. I wanted a "Thinking of you on this Difficult Mother's Day" card. After much running around, I realized that such a card does not exist.

The more I thought about it, I realized that there is a need for such a card. Not only for SIDS moms. Mothers lose their precious children to car accidents and violent crime every day. I imagine Mother's Day is no easier for these moms. Because no appropriate card exists, some moms would probably really feel forgotten on this holiday. I know I feel that some have forgotten my son, and this really hurts, as most of you know.

My plan is this. I am contacting many SIDS groups, Compassionate Friends, and Miscarriage groups. I am looking for ideas. You can help me in the following way:

  1. Write briefly how you became a bereaved parent.
  2. Explain how you feel a card like this would have comforted you.
  3. Please include any appropriate poetry, or ideas for the card. I hope to go to the card company with many ideas.

I really feel that there will be strength in numbers. The more people that reply, the better our chances will be when dealing with the card company.

I am asking that you please take the time to help me with this important project. Please think of the moms who will lose their little ones in the future. You can help to ease their pain and fill a huge void in the card industry.

Please reply in a timely manner. I hope to see these cards in the store for Mother's Day 1999.

Please address all material to:

Reny Missos
2902 William Dr
Winona Lake, IN 46590

Please write on the envelope "CARD PROJECT".

Please reply by December 1, 1998. This will give me ample time to organize materials and meet with these companies.
The worst thing that could ever happened has happened to us. I would love to see a positive thing come from our tragedy, in hopes that we may ease somebody else's pain in the future.

Thank you for your help. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, and with much respect,

Reny Missos,

Update: 2/3/98

I was very encouraged to hear on the radio that Hallmark is now marketing a card geared to families that lose someone to suicide. I feel that our card will be appropriate for more people than that, so I was encouraged. I called Hallmark, and am having difficulty getting with the marketing dept. Customer service is delivering all messages. I got statistics from all the organizations as to how many miscarriages, SIDS, murders, and such happen every year. I want them to see how many people would qualify for this card.

Will keep you posted, Chuck. I just love this website. It is so complete.


Update: 7/13/99

I feel the card project is a success. To give you a little background, I was feeling very frustrated at Hallmark for their lack of customer service skills. They never returned my phone calls, and just shuffled me from person to person. I was on the Hallmark web site one evening, and pleaded our case once and for all, giving every statistic that I had. It was a well written letter with much information. I got a form-type letter back from them, thanking me for my opinion. I happened to browse through hallmark this Mothers' Day, and found what I feel is a very appropriate card for Mothers' Day. The card was just beautiful, with pansies and teapots. The verse read:

front: On Mother's Day

inside: It would be nice if there were some perfect words to say to make this time a little easier. Please know that this Mother's Day you're part of many caring thoughts and special prayers.

I thought this card is perfect for a SIDS mom, and I e-mailed hallmark immediately to let them know how great this card is. I suggested that they send a dozen or so to the principal of Columbine High, to send these Moms on Mother's Day. It was the perfect sentiment. They responded that they appreciated my comments, but that they could not send the cards to that Principal. Whatever! Anyway, I feel there is a triumph in the card project, and that anyone can now get the perfect card for a SIDS mom right at your local Hallmark store. For those interested, the bar code number on the card is: 703220 01062

Thanks for the great web site. I visit often.

Reny Missos

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