Mia Rose Marmat

July 1, 2005 ... July 13, 2005

Beloved daughter of Jessica King, sister to Dylan & Carly King,
Camille Marmat & her twin brother Miles Marmat.

To my sweet little Mia,
After I lost you I thought I would never smile again. I remember thinking that lightning never strikes twice therefore I would cry on your first day of school and on your wedding day but never at your funeral. I was wrong. As your mother I have this undying need to know that you and your sister are somewhere safe, happy and warm, the uncertainty was killing me. A kind friend told me on one of my darkest days that maybe you had a greater purpose, maybe you were sent here to deliver Miles to me safely and make certain that he was ok, before you returned to heaven to be with Camille, your real soul mate. If this was your ultimate purpose then you did it, baby. He's here and he's safe and he's going to grow big and strong hearing stories of the angel who carried him to mommy. You'll always be alive in my heart, my sweet Mia. Live on, Live strong and look down on us, you'll see us looking up for you. All my love, Mama


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