Aubreigh Jayne McKay

April 26, 2005-September 13, 2006

Beautiful child
Abounding with innocence
An angel sent to teach us
A lesson in compassion

She won’t live
They told us
She was born breathing

She won’t survive without machines
They told us
She proved them wrong by thriving

She won’t ever know who you are
They told us
She could identify every one of us

Around every turn and over every hurdle
She performed a miracle
She worked to prove the impossible
Was achievable after all

With her incredible will and strength
She taught us the capacity to love despite challenge
Because of her pure and childlike gaze
We don’t take the simple things for granted

She was an enchanting prophet child
Leading us to find the best in ourselves
Helping us discover the true meaning of compassion
And unconditional love

Our captivating teacher has left us
She has earned her wings
Long will live the lessons she taught us
And the memories of a charming brown eyed angel
With her laughter echoing in our hearts


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