Garrett Thomas McNerny

"Our Little Angel"



Father: John T. McNerney
Mother: Kathy McNerney
Big Brother: Evan

Written by Garrett's Dad John for the funeral.
"Garrett raced into this life on March 6th of this year. He graced
us with his shining face only 20 minutes after we got to the

He was always happy but was quick to let us know when he was hungry,
quick to show us when he was tired,
and quick to warm the heart of all who were fortunate to meet him.

For reasons only he and God know. he left us as quickly as he arrived

We always called Garrett our little angel and I'm certain he was an
His skin was as smooth and fair as the finest porcelain,
his wide grin as warming as the morning sun,
his eyes brighter than any star,
his coos and babbles sweeter than any confection.

Mommy, Daddy, and Evan love you very much Garrett...we will miss you
dearly but never forget you.

Watch down upon us and give us strength and guidance.

Rest in peace our little angel."


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