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Standard Web Site Package

Some people call a business advertisement on the Internet a "home page" or a "Web page." I like to think of a Web Site as your organization’s "storefront" to the world. Or perhaps an on-line catalog of your services or products. CAM CONSULTING has developed a Web Site Package at reasonable prices, which is adaptable to your needs.

Your business doesn’t even need to own a computer to tap the power of the Internet. But people with computers-- higher income, higher educated potential customers--can find you and contact you from all over the globe. Your business will be displayed to thousands of potential customers anywhere in the world.

Putting your organization’s ad on the Internet requires two fees: one for Web page design, and the other to establish and maintain your Web "pages".

Features of Our Web Site Package

The CAM CONSULTING Web site package includes the following features:

bullet Text about your organization, approximately 200 words per "page"
bullet Custom Masthead Graphic on your first "page," something like a sign for your "storefront" which welcomes your visitors
bullet Top-of-Page Graphic to enhance each of your other "pages"
bullet Links to other Web sites
bullet Careful consultation by e-mail and phone with you about marketing on the Internet and designing your Web pages, so your organization’s Web site is completed on time according to your specifications
bullet Colored lines and backgrounds
bullet Installation of your pages on the Internet
bullet Your very own domain name (
bullet Unlimited Traffic (hits)
bullet Statistics Program
bullet E-mail account (
bullet Monthly updates to keep your Web site up-to-date
bullet Site publicity to six Web index systems like Yahoo, Lycos, and Web-Crawler, so prospective customers can find you
bullet Intimate understanding of business or organization. You aren’t trying to communicate with a computer technician; you’re working with an experienced businessperson, writer, and speaker.

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