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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Network's
Electronic Newsletter

Reaching Out
Issue 9809
September 14, 1998

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Network Electronic Newsletter 9809 September 14, 1998


1. BIDS to Stop SIDS (sm)
2. October is SIDS and Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month
3. Then an Angel came by Carol Gino now available in paperback
4. Buy books through and support the SIDS Network
5. SIDS Families: Years Later; A work in progress by Debbie Gemmill
6. Beanie Babies Raffle to fight SIDS
7. Latest Research Information Available


1. BIDS to Stop SIDS (sm)

First On-line Celebrity Auction to Benefit SIDS and Pregnancy & Infant Loss Education and Awareness.

Items Include autographed pictures, autographed books, autographed basketballs and baseballs, autographed Tee shirts and so much more...

No minimum bid is suggested, because no monetary value can be placed on these items, on the babies' lives impacted by SIDS and Pregnancy & Infant Loss, nor on the value of SIDS and Pregnancy & Infant Loss awareness and education. Each donation will bring us closer to the day when SIDS and Pregnancy & Infant Loss will no longer threaten our most precious resource ... OUR CHILDREN!

This event is being organized by Shirley Doughty, Mom to Kaitlyn Marie Doughty 2-15-95 to 11-04-96 (SIDS). She can be contacted at Many others also helped make this event possible. You can also lend your support to this very special event. For more information or to enter a bid follow the links from the main page of the web site; Your help is needed to make this event a success.


2. October is SIDS and Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

You can help raise awareness and support the SIDS Network's Internet Services now:

-Support the Celebrity On-line Auction- Tell your friends, co-workers, family, etc. to visit this web site at
-Download, copy and pass out the SIDS Network brochure or customize the "generic" brochure at  
-Download, copy, distribute, and return the SIDS Network sponsorship flyer (MS Word format; or html format;
-Download, copy & distribute SIDS Risk Reduction information in 14 languages at
-Use your Jitney Jungle Gold Card before 10/3/98.  
-Send a donation to the SIDS Network.

3. Buy books through and support the SIDS Network

Many books, videos, and other media can be ordered directly through, the leading Internet source of books. A portion of your sale will directly benefit the SIDS Network if you order items by following links from the SIDS Network web site to the web site.

A list of suggested books with links to can be found at


4. "Then an Angel came" now available in paperback

Carol Gino's book, "Then an Angel came" is now available in paper back. Carol is a SIDS grandparent. Her grandson, Greggy, died of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Carol always stands tall, head and shoulders above the crowd, in many ways especially when it comes to supporting the SIDS movement.

"As nurses, we learn that tragedy and miracles sometimes travel together-as my own family discovered after the death of our precious baby." An article, appearing in Nursing98, March 1998, that was authored by Carol Gino can be found at This story is an excerpt from her new book about life after loss, "Then an Angel Came", published by Kensington Books. Order a copy today through Amazon Books Carol's web site can be visited at


5. "SIDS Families: Years Later" A work in progress by Debbie Gemmill

"My new book is tentatively titled, "SIDS Families:Years Later." I have already heard from over 100 families, and other parents are invited to participate."

"My son, Tyler, died from SIDS on May 25, 1982. He was our second child, an apparently healthy 7 month old baby who went to sleep for an afternoon nap and never woke up. It has been 16 years since his death, but I have learned from my own experience that grief 'recovery' takes much longer than most people realize, and that even years later, we find our lives have been changed in many ways."

"This is the premise of my new book. My previous books have dealt with new grief, subsequent pregnancies, and the ongoing journey. With this new book, I'd like us to take a look at the long term effects of the loss of a baby on the family." - Debbie Gemmill

A copy of her questionnaire "SIDS Families: Years Later" is available on the SIDS Network web site at The questionnaire is designed for those who have lost children 5 or more years ago. It is meant as a guide only; I would encourage anyone to write as much as they would like and to include an address and/or phone number if they would be willing to be contacted for a more indepth interview. Debbie can be contacted through email at

Other books by Debbie Gemmill include:

-The Chance to Say Goodbye: One family's journey through grief sensitively told through a mother's journal entries. To order today visit

-Beginning Again: SIDS families share their hopes, dreams, fears and joy. To order today visit

-Getting Through Grief: From a Parent's Point of View (a collection of the widely reprinted From a Parent's Point of View articles) Read more about this book at: To order today visit


6. Beanie Babies Raffle to fight SIDS

Carol Gino has donated her collection of beanie babies for a raffle that is being run by SIDS Alliance of LI. The tickets are $5 each and the collection is worth over $3000. A raffle ticket application is available at or Carol can be contacted at rashana@UNIX.ASB.COM. Please consider selling tickets. A portion of the proceeds from the tickets you sell could benifit your local SIDS organization, the SIDS Network or another organization of your choice. Visit the Starwater site or contact Carol for more information. This is a great way to spread the love we all share. The love of our children.


7. Latest Research Information Available

The SIDS Network gathers information about specific research and will keep you updated by a direct link on the SIDS Network home page and on the "FAQ for Experts and Professionals" page at

The latest additions to the SIDS Network web page include:

-"Mass Media's" Role in SIDS Education 

Sleep-related Issues:
-SIDS Researcher seeking information
-SIDS, suffocation, asphyxia, and sleeping position
-Gastroesophageal Reflux, Helicobacter Pylori, and SIDS 

Smoking-related Issues:
-Fetal Nicotine or Cocaine Exposure: Which One is Worse?  

Apnea/Monitoring-related Issues:
-SIDS and Infant Apnea  

General Issues:
-Autopsy Report Questions
-Pneumonia and SIDS
-ALTE and Subsequent Learning Disabilities

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