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Frequently Asked Questions and SIDS Research Information

Experts share information and answer frequently asked questions about SIDS

bullet Clarifying Confusing Research Information would be a good article to read prior to reading any research articles. (11/95)
bullet "Mass Media's" Role in SIDS Education  [Changed] (7/20/98)

bullet Sleep-related Issues  [Changed] (10/11/03)
bullet Smoking-related Issues  [Changed] (9/25/03)
bullet Apnea/Monitoring-related Issues  [Changed] (1/21/03)
bullet Vaccination-related issues [Changed] (3/30/04)
bullet General Issues  [Changed] (12/8/11)
bullet Research Information Written For Researchers & job openings  [Changed] (12/21/00)

Sleep-related Issues:

bullet Prone position and prematurity; aspiration(4/14/97)  [Changed] (10/11/03)
bullet Is it safe to let babies sleep in swings and/or bouncy chairs?  (1/27/03)
bullet My Baby Will Not Sleep On It's Back   (9/19/98)  [Changed] (1/27/03)
bullet Day Care Owner Not Liable In SIDS Death According to CT Supreme Court  [Changed] (11/25/02)
bullet Bed Sharing and SIDS including the new CPSC report results (8/3/97)  [Changed] (9/29/99)
bullet Flat Heads and Back To Sleep  (8/28/99)
bullet Why the prone position is a risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome  (8/6/99)
bullet Selected information related to CO2 and rebreathing  (5/8/99)
bullet Questions and Answers for Professionals on Infant Sleeping Position and SIDS  (3/21/99) [Changed] (2/10/18)
bullet Mattress Link to Cot Death Ruled Out  (12/11/98)
bullet SIDS Researcher seeking information   (7/21/98)
bullet SIDS, suffocation, asphyxia, and sleeping position   (7/20/98)
bullet Sleep Study Questions  (5/3/98)
bullet How to talk to relatives who appear to the SIDS parent to be reckless  (3/8/98)
bullet Changes that affect the ability to breathe which occur as an infant grows into a child  (3/3/98)
bullet Putting Babies "Back To Sleep" Does Not Impede Development (1/12/98)
bullet How long should babies be placed on their backs? (8/20/97)
bullet Apparent Struggling and SIDS (5/11/97)
bullet What does 30% reduction in SIDS rate mean?(4/20/97)
bullet Use Of Wedges To Promote Side Sleeping (4/14/97)
bullet Breathe Right Nasal Strips and SIDS (1/14/97)
bullet Sleep Position and SIDS: Update from the American Academy of Pediatrics (1/11/97)
bullet The Risk of Side Sleeping(11/12/96)
bullet Crib Bumpers and SIDS (10/13/96)
bullet Back to Sleep- What's a Parent to do? (8/1/96)
bullet I Put My Baby Down, Checked On Him 10 Minutes Later, And He Was Dead ... (3/16/96)
bullet There seems to be lots of concern about swaddling and the increased risk of SIDS (3/16/96)
bullet Is sleeping with my baby safe? Can it reduce the risk of SIDS? (7/95)

Smoking-related Issues:

bullet Forest Fire Smoke and SIDS  [new] (9/25/03)
bullet Prenatal exposure to cigarette smoking is associated with a decrease in arousal in infants   (8/6/99)
bullet Fetal Nicotine or Cocaine Exposure: Which One is Worse? (9/16/98)
bullet Cigarette Smoking And SIDS  (3/19/98)
bullet Smoking and the risk for SIDS. (7/95)

Apnea/Monitoring-related Issues:

bullet Monitoring Subsequent Babies. (8/23/96)  [Changed] (1/21/03)
bullet Monitor T-shirt and SIDS  (7/24/99)
bullet To Monitor Or Not To Monitor?...That Is The Question  (12/17/98)
bullet SIDS and Infant Apnea(7/20/98)
bullet Oximeters (Oxygen Saturation Monitors) As Part Of A Home Monitor System(10/20/97)
bullet General Monitoring Issues (9/24/97)
bullet SIDS and Apnea: Difference of Opinion(5/23/97)
bullet The CHIME Study (2/23/97)
bullet False Alarm: How a Syracuse Study Dominated SIDS Research And Helped Conceal Infant Homicides in the United States for a Generation. Interesting reading. (8/22/96)
bullet Heart Rate Variability And CHIME (5/20/96)
bullet INFANTILE APNEA AND HOME MONITORING National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Statement; September 29-October 1, 1986 (8/95)

Vaccination-related Issues:

bullet Do Immunizations Cause SIDS? [Changed] (3/30/04)
bullet The UK accelerated immunisation programme and sudden unexpected death in infancy: case-control study; Conclusions: Immunisation does not lead to sudden unexpected death in infancy, and the direction of the relation is towards protection rather than risk. Abriged |Full Text |PDF (251K) (4/10/2001)(The abstract and full text are stored on the BMJ server. If there is a problem connecting, please download the pdf file which is stored on the SIDS Network server)
bullet Neonatal Deaths After Hepatitis B Vaccine;The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, 1991-1998Abstract |Full Text |PDF (139K) (1/5/2000)(The abstract and full text are stored on the JAMA server. If there is a problem connecting, please download the pdf file which is stored on the SIDS Network server)
bullet Vaccine Information Statements (on the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention web site)   (9/22/99)
bullet Vaccine Benefits Far Outweigh Any Risk: Parents should vaccinate their children: A message from the American Academy of Pediatrics  (8/6/99)
bullet Update: Vaccine Side Effects, Adverse Reactions, Contraindications, and Precautions Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP); MMWR September 06, 1996 / 45(RR-12);1-35  (11/17/98)

General Issues:

bullet National Standards Needed to Understand the Impact of SIDS (how you can help)  [new] (10/12/07)
bullet SIDS and serotonin-using brain cells (10/31/06)
bullet Pacifiers and SIDS  (5/3/98)  [Changed] (5/14/99)  [Changed] (12/10/2005)
bullet Cyst on Throat (3/30/04)
bullet SIDS, age, and risks   (5/10/03)
bullet Is cord blood useful for SIDS research?  (1/29/03)
bullet SIDS and the serotonin transporter gene  (1/24/03)  [Changed] (1/29/03)
bullet Cry Analysis And SIDS (5/20/96)  [Changed] (1/24/03)
bullet Laryngomalacia  ("Floppy Voice box") is not a cause of SIDS  [Changed] (1/20/03)
bullet Helicobacter Pylori, and SIDS   (7/4/98)  [Changed] (10/26/00)  [Changed] (1/19/03)
bullet Shock-like Reaction to Common Bacteria and SIDS  (4/30/02)
bullet Distinguishing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome From Child Abuse Fatalities (AAP Policy)  [Changed] (2/8/01)
bullet Mitrochrondrial disease and lactic acid are not related to causing SIDS  (10/23/00)
bullet Simultaneous SIDS and Twins   (3/27/98) [Changed] (10/23/00)
bullet Early Days at Daycare [Changed] (8/8/00)
bullet 'Prolonged QT Interval' and SIDS [Changed] (8/8/00)
bullet Caffeine and SIDS; Risk Factor or Not? (1/29/98) [Changed] (11/14/17)
bullet Pinkish Froth and SIDS  (8/25/99)
bullet MCAD Deficiency and SIDS [Changed] (8/6/99)
bullet Responsible journalism and SIDS-related news  (8/5/99)
bullet Hypoventilation and SIDS  (7/24/99)
bullet Sweating and SIDS [Changed] (7/24/99)
bullet Counseling Parents to Reduce the Risk   (5/11/98) [Changed] (7/9/99)
bullet Levels of hemoglobin-F and SIDS   (12/7/98)
bullet CDC Assessment of Infant Sleeping Position   (10/28/98)
bullet CDC Preliminary 1997 SIDS data   (10/25/98)
bullet Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and SIDS   (10/16/98)
bullet SIDS: The Anonymous Killer   (9/17/98) (written by an EMT for EMTs)
bullet Autopsy Report Questions   (8/15/98)
bullet Pneumonia and SIDS  (8/13/98)
bullet ALTE and Subsequent Learning Disabilities    (7/20/98)
bullet Dirt in Infant's Nostrils   (7/20/98)
bullet Fifth's Disease and it's Impact on Breathing    (5/29/98)
bullet Gestational Diabetes and SIDS   (5/24/98)
bullet SIDS Recurrence in SIDS Siblings  (5/24/98)
bullet Observed and Recorded SIDS Deaths?   (5/3/98)
bullet The Important Need for Autopsy Standards   (4/26/98)
bullet Abuse vs. SIDS  (4/26/98)
bullet Air Travel and SIDS  (4/6/98)
bullet Circumcision and SIDS  (3/6/98)
bullet Cocaine and SIDS  (3/6/98)
bullet VSD and SIDS  (3/6/98)
bullet SIDS in Utero not Possible (1/16/98)
bullet Pets, and SIDS (1/16/98)
bullet GER and SIDS (8/29/97)
bullet AVM has nothing to do with SIDS (6/19/97)
bullet Results of the National Scottish Case Control Study of SIDS (5/28/97)
bullet SIDS and SCID (5/25/97)
bullet Lung hemorrhage(5/11/97)
bullet SIDS and Older Infants (4/19/97)
bullet SIDS "Antibody"? No such thing ... (4/16/97)
bullet SIDS in car seats(4/14/97)
bullet SIDS and Infant Weight(2/23/97)
bullet Questions About SIDS (2/23/97)
bullet How can I know that my baby did not suffocate? (2/23/97)
bullet Male Susceptibility to SIDS (2/7/97)
bullet Coxsackie Virus and SIDS(2/7/97)
bullet Hypoxia and SIDS(2/7/97)
bullet Pineal Gland and SIDS(2/7/97)
bullet Baby Sitters and SIDS (2/7/97)
bullet Erythromycin and SIDS(2/6/97)
bullet Myocarditis and SIDS(2/6/97)
bullet C-Section, Stillbirths, Miscarriages, pH, APGAR Scores and SIDS(2/6/97)
bullet Is there such a thing as "Near-miss SIDS", "Near SIDS", and "Aborted SIDS"? (1/11/97)
bullet SIDS and Hiccups (1/11/97)
bullet Scarring on Brainstem (10/16/96)
bullet A Statistical Update on SIDS (10/16/96)
bullet Vitamin C Deficiency & SIDS (10/13/96)
bullet ALTE and SIDS are not the same thing (10/13/96)
bullet Is there any correlation between bottle feed and SIDS? (9/28/96)
bullet Divorce After The Death Of A Child (8/4/96)
bullet SIDS and atlantoaxial anomalies (8/1/96)
bullet Current Perspectives in SIDS (8/1/96)
bullet How do You Measure Your Happiness? (8/1/96)
bullet Anomalous Coronary Artery and SIDS(7/5/96)
bullet SIDS and Developing Countries(6/20/96)
bullet Shock and SIDS(6/14/96)
bullet Organ Donation, Autopsies, and SIDS (6/13/96)
bullet Why do some infants with all or most risk factors live?(5/27/96)
bullet Abnormal Respiratory Control Found in Infants Who Later Died of SIDS (5/27/96)
bullet Brainstem Finding in SIDS (5/27/96)
bullet Can Risk Factor Intervention Lower SIDS Risk? (5/20/96)
bullet Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy (MSP) (5/20/96)
bullet Update On Risk Reduction And SIDS Prevention - 1996 by John L. Carroll, M.D. (5/18/96)
bullet Pediatric Potpourri: State of the Art 1996 University Children's Medical Group, Maui, Hawaii / February 18, 1996 by Thomas G. Keens, M.D. (3/31/96)
bullet Animals and SIDS Research. (3/16/96)
bullet References about SIDS babies dying in hospitals. (3/16/96)
bullet I Did Not Take Drugs During My Pregnancy. Why all the Talk About Drugs During Pregnancy and SIDS? (1/27/96)
bullet The Subsequent Child, Part 1 (7/95)
bullet The Subsequent Child, Part 2 (7/95)
bullet The Subsequent Child, Part 3 (7/95)

Research Information Written For Researchers:
This area can be read by anyone, however the information is primarily written by researchers for other researchers.

bullet Create your own ad-hoc report!  (12/21/00)
bullet You can conduct custom queries against a variety of NCHS datasets through CDC WONDER. CDC WONDER is an on-line public health information system that can provide numbers and rates of sexually transmitted diseases, cancer cases, or deaths in the United States. Users can request data for any disease and demographic group by submitting ad hoc queries against available datasets.
bullet Job openings that the SIDS Network is aware of  [Changed] (9/15/99)
bullet Scirus: The Internet Community for Medical Researchers  (6/30/04)
bullet SIDS Australia On-Line catalog  (6/13/98)
bullet National Library of Medicine'sMEDLINE service at   (1/29/98)
bullet Lack Of Paradoxical Breathing Movements  (11/3/96)
bullet What is the Journal of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Infant Mortality? (10/13/96)
bullet Environment of infants during sleep and risk of the sudden infant death syndrome: results of 1993-5 case-control study for confidential inquiry into stillbirths and deaths in infancy Peter J Fleming, Peter S Blair, Chris Bacon, David Bensley, Iain Smith, Elizabeth Taylor, Jem Berry, Jean Golding, John Tripp, Confidential Enquiry into Stillbirths and Deaths Regional Coordinators and Researchers (8/23/96)
bullet Smoking and the sudden infant death syndrome: results from 1993-5 case-control study for confidential inquiry into stillbirths and deaths in infancy Peter S Blair, Peter J Fleming, David Bensley, Iain Smith, Chris Bacon, Elizabeth Taylor, Jem Berry, Jean Golding, John Tripp, Confidential Enquiry into Stillbirths and Deaths Regional Coordinators and Researchers (8/23/96)
bullet National Center for Biotechnology Information. Use this area for research information about SIDS. (10/1/95)

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