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First Person

This area features articles by people that have been personally impacted by the death of an infant due to SIDS. We thank them for having the courage to share their experiences. We are reminded that we are not alone. Your stories and experiences are welcome.

Please feel free to add your writings for this area of the SIDS Network web site through the new SIDS First Person Guestbook. As SIDS Network volunteers are able, your articles will be transferred from the Guestbook to this page.

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bullet My Heart, Soul, and Angel by Jenny Radford  [new] (5/20/05)
bullet " Zane Andrew Buchanan " by Barry, Lisa, Weston and Lorraine (3/7/96) change.gif (1031 bytes) (2/25/05)
bullet My Son Devin Shane Whittington by Brandi Dickhaus  [new] (2/11/05)
bullet An Aunt's View by Tiffany  [new] (12/4/04)
bullet Angels Among Us - A Grandparent's Perspective by Eve Price
bullet My Wonderful Granddaughter by Denise Bowie  (11/22/03)
bullet Pain by Theresa McCormack  (10/11/03)
bullet Confusion by Elaine Freer   (9/13/03)
bullet 4 Angels = Joy by Diane Rice  (3/30/03)
bullet Buttoned on Earth to Bloom in Heaven by Yani B. Lopez  (11/16/02)
bullet A Fathers Point of View by Gerardo Orozco   (8/21/02)
bullet The Chosen One by Shirlene Smith   (5/28/02)
bullet Five Years Old our Precious Alauna Should Be by Pamela Gay   (5/28/02)
bullet My Everyday Conversation by Tracy Weeks  (4/26/02)
bullet Trey by Janelle Barta  (4/13/02)
bullet My Little Man by meandcee  (4/13/02)
bullet To the Ones I love by AAngel4onlyone@aol.com  (4/13/02)
bullet Happy 3rd Birthday Zack by Candace Herkins  (1/4/02)
bullet The Ripples Will Go On Forever by Judy Rainey (1/26/01)
bullet Strange Ripples by Ned Balzer (1/26/01)
bullet You would be five by Janice Roper (12/25/00)
bullet HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN by Candace Herkins  (12/24/00)
bullet My angel Kaya Jane by Krysten McLarnan (12/23/00)
bullet A poem for Robin by Jan  (12/9/00)
bullet My Beautiful Baby Boy by Nicole (12/9/00)
bullet Just Thinking by Jennifer Crouch   (11/11/00)
bullet Twins and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by Marla Courtney Wood   (10/23/00)
bullet Each night before you sleep by Tiffany Armstrong  (10/21/00)
bullet It was 3 years ago today that you came into our world by Kelly Callaway  (10/21/00)
bullet Jesus has a rocking chair by Terrie Olsen  (10/21/00)
bullet Four years ago today by Traci (10/21/00)
bullet Siblings On Earth And In Heaven by DiRussellNS  (6/27/00)
bullet Alex, Conor, and the Monitor by Jennifer Miltenburg  (6/27/00)
bullet My Angel got his Wings by Karina Swanepoel  (6/20/00)
bullet For My Daddy by Jean Stewart  (6/20/00)
bullet When Will The Pain End? by Don Miltenburg  (6/20/00)
bullet I could write a million words by Betty Zarling  (6/20/00)
bullet In memory of my beautiful baby boy! ! ! by Jada Jensen   (6/16/00)
bullet Dear Baby by Jaimee Lynn Magee  (6/16/00)
bullet Brian and Tanner by Jennifer Gleinser  (6/16/00)
bullet My Daughter, Jennifer by Marla  (5/3/00)
bullet Braydon's story by Challamar Phelps  (5/2/00)
bullet I Miss You Baby ... by Sarah Secreto  (3/11/00)
bullet When I am not with You shard by Tracey McDonald  (3/11/00)
bullet A Note To Our Baby Zachary by Scott and Rebecca Burlette  (3/11/00)
bullet My Sweet Boy by Anonymous  (3/11/00)
bullet Alexa Angel shared by Steve and Vicki Schutt  (2/24/00)
bullet Thinking Of You Always by Diana Russell   (2/24/00)
bullet 11 Months Gone by Candace Herkins  (2/21/00)
bullet Kayla Michelle Blanton by Angie & Bryan Blanton  (1/5/00)
bullet Sometimes the pain is so raw... by Andy Clark  (1/3/00)
bullet Oh Jeremy, Oh Jeremy.... by Carol Clark (12/29/99)
bullet It is your second Birthday, My Brandon by george6395  (12/28/99)
bullet Perfect for You by Janice Roper  (12/28/99)
bullet Tyler Lewis Allen by Tara Lewis Carter  (11/20/99)
bullet Mommy's Little Love Bug by Kimberly Bottomley (11/20/99)
bullet Dear Mom, Dear Dad by Andra Hoffman "99" (11/15/99)
bullet Remember Me by Andra Hoffman "99" (11/15/99)
bullet Nine and Eleven by Candace Herkins (11/15/99)
bullet Ashley Marie Sanders by Sherry Wills  (11/15/99)
bullet Be Not Afraid ... by Patrick Garrison  (11/13/99)
bullet In October ... by Jean Stewart  (11/13/99)
bullet Alauna Has a New Baby Brother by Pam Gay (11/9/99)
bullet I Love You, My Little Miss by Deb Mihalko  (10/23/99)
bullet Poems for Ethan shared by Carrie Ahmann   (10/13/99)
bullet Please don't ... by Heather & Brad   (10/13/99)
bullet Tori's Story by Tiffany Armstrong   (10/1/99)
bullet Everyone gets an angel... by Tiffany Armstrong   (10/1/99)
bullet We needed to accept what is real by Diana Russell   (9/19/99)
bullet Seven and Nine by Candace Herkins  (9/15/99)
bullet Nathan - Happy 5th Birthday by Diana Russell  (8/28/99)
bullet To The Angels by Carrie Ahmann   (8/18/99)
bullet To Our Dearest Chase: Written by Melissa Weiland   (8/18/99)
bullet To Garrett ... Happy 2nd Birthday in Heaven by Kelly Callaway  (8/6/99)
bullet Remembering Sunshine by Lisa Scully  (8/6/99)
bullet Our Little Angel by Becca Christen's Grandfather, Mike  (7/17/99)
bullet You'll always be Gran's "first" by Mary Ellen Lewis   (7/17/99)
bullet 2 Years and My Heart Still Bleeds.....I Love You Alauna Jean by Pam Gay   (7/17/99)
bullet Lost But Never Forgotten by Misty Davis  (7/17/99)
bullet If I Could shared by Candace Herkins (6/28/99)
bullet Before I say Goodbye by Gerardo Orozco  (6/8/99)
bullet I Remember by Bert Graves  (6/5/99)
bullet Happy 2nd Birthday Alauna Jean Gay by Alauna's Mother, Pam  (6/5/99)
bullet It's A Very Sad Thing... by Tabitha Irvin  (5/29/99)
bullet Something I found- Father's Day by Lisa Sculley   (5/27/99)
bullet Happy Birthday Zackary read  by Tara Hernandez  (5/14/99)
bullet Little Angels shared byAliza Margolies(5/7/99)
bullet Missing you by Candace Herkins  (4/30/99)
bullet When God calls little children shared by Carrie Ahmann & Steve Weaver   (3/31/99)
bullet Our Darling Boy by Marla Courtney Wood  (3/31/99)
bullet Hiding Place by Marla Courtney Wood  (3/31/99)
bullet Dear God by Marla Courtney Wood  (3/31/99)
bullet Beautiful Chloe Belle by Marla Courtney Wood  (3/31/99)
bullet Black Granite by Marla Courtney Wood  (3/31/99)
bullet Our Granddaughter, Lisa Irene Giglio by Grandma & Papa Tony   (3/29/99)
bullet Another Child Care Perspective by Melinda Smith  (3/29/99)
bullet The Ten Don'ts of Parenting a Subsequent Child by Kaye Keith  (3/29/99)
bullet My Nephew by Lorena Garcia  (3/19/99)
bullet I Miss You BECCA by Jean   (3/19/99)
bullet Love Of Our Children We Share by Diana Russell  (3/18/99)
bullet Out of Time by Janie French   (3/11/99)
bullet Garrett has a baby sister! by Kelly Callaway (2/27/99)
bullet My first little love by Penny Hollingsworth (2/27/99)
bullet Looking Forward by Marla Courtney Wood (2/27/99)
bullet Minutes, Hours And Days by Marla Courtney Wood  (2/24/99)
bullet Sparrows by Marla Courtney Wood  (2/24/99)
bullet The 26th by Marla Courtney Wood  (2/24/99)
bullet We do not need a special day... by Carmelle Gross  (2/24/99)
bullet A Note to "Intact" Families by Lisa Sculley and Cindy Sundman  (2/24/99)
bullet Nothing Gold Can Stay shared by Marla & Jeff Wood  (2/23/99)
bullet My Angel Babies by Sarah Secreto  (2/17/99)
bullet Sabreena Maree by Meaghan Rosera  (2/17/99)
bullet My Niece, Lisa Irene Giglio by Doreen Appenzeller  (2/17/99)
bullet Holding Another Baby by Naomi Handsaker  (2/17/99)
bullet An Angel From Heaven to Earth and Back Again shared by Diane Sipe (2/17/99)
bullet Message by Heather Rodgers (2/10/99)
bullet In My Heart by Carrie Stier  (1/22/99)
bullet "Photograph and Video Tape Memories" by Jonathon Andell (2/7/97) change.gif (1031 bytes) (1/20/99)
bullet Some Gentle Thoughts by Sandy Colby  (1/14/99)
bullet My Little Man by Maris George  (1/14/99)
bullet The day my Baby died by Carrie Olson  (1/8/99)
bullet Little Lee Lee by Tom Giglio   (1/2/99)
bullet Baby wake up...wake up baby! by Tanya   (1/2/99)
bullet "Sister" by Jon Mihalko, age 11 (1/23/96)change.gif (1031 bytes) (1/2/99)
bullet Why Did It Have To Happen The Way It Did? by Elizabeth Houle   (12/26/98)
bullet My Perfect Angel Carson Jerome Stephens by Rachelle Stephens   (12/22/98)
bullet For Collin by Katy Tobel   (12/21/98)
bullet It's been 9 years today... by Molly Madison  (12/20/98)
bullet My Thoughts by George6395   (12/17/98)
bullet I was alone by Cari   (12/17/98)
bullet My Little Pooh Bear by Maria Riera  (12/17/98)
bullet I hate Christmas by a tombstone by Brenda King Jabusch  (12/17/98)
bullet To Grayson by Mimi  (12/7/98)
bullet Baby Angel by Angela's cousin, Meghan (11/17/98)
bullet How wrong I was by Belinda Helser (11/17/98)
bullet How Is My Angel Tonight? by Alauna's Mother, Pam (11/17/98)
bullet Your Brother & Little Austin by iumaniac  (10/25/98)
bullet Charlotte Rose's Story by Colleen Lembo  (10/25/98)
bullet Getting through the day... a perspective of a day care provider by Tanya (10/16/98)
bullet Letting Go shared by Wendy Howlett (10/16/98)
bullet Reminders & Where are You? by Janie French  (10/16/98)
bullet The Day You Left ... by Lisa Sculley (10/11/98)
bullet Constant Reminders by Janie French   (10/11/98)
bullet Thy Gifts shared by Janie French  (9/27/98)
bullet Ryan's Story by Charlotte Sweeny (9/19/98)
bullet SIDS: A Mother's Story by Deb Mihalko   (9/17/98)
bullet Learning to live and not forget by Irma Soriano  (9/16/98)
bullet My Angel Mandy Elizabeth by Cindy Baird (9/16/98)
bullet Catriona, Our Little Angel by Conor Harris  (9/4/98)
bullet Taken away without the chance of saying goodbye by Carey  (9/4/98)
bullet Missing you my Angel Face by Maria  (8/23/98)
bullet To Bryce on your 3rd death date by Kristy Dockstader  (8/23/98)
bullet A Prayer For The Children shared by Tom Hayhurst (8/23/98)
bullet 1st Birthday by Nanny  (8/15/98)
bullet Lincoln Allen Parsons by Karol Parsons  (8/15/98)
bullet A letter for Garrett's 1st birthday in Heaven by Kelly Callaway (8/15/98)
bullet Men and Grieving by Sandy Colby (8/15/98)
bullet Today my son, Nathan, would be 4 years old by Diana Russell  (8/15/98)
bullet Fireflies in a Jar by Aunt Lee (8/13/96)
bullet To Birth or Not to Birth, THAAT is the question. . . . by Sandy Colby (7/25/96)
bullet To Find the Right Path by David Zufall  (7/21/96)
bullet Our First Baby by Cynthia Chapman (7/21/98)
bullet I should be ...by Lisa Sculley  (7/21/98)
bullet Joey's Giftby Lisa Sculley  (7/21/98)
bullet Happy First Birthday by Irene Morgan  (7/21/98)
bullet 4th Birthday and Alone by Diana Russell  (7/21/98)
bullet Getting a sibling through a SIDS death by nolan97@aol.com    (7/21/98)
bullet Putting on a Mask by Melanie  (7/21/98)
bullet Our Little Man by Steve Stephens (7/20/98)
bullet A Letter to Tamar by Wanda Stutzman (7/4/98)
bullet Letter to Michelle Elizabeth Dickerson by Denise Michelle Dickerson (7/4/98)
bullet Gray-Gray by Great-Aunt Sharon Clowers (7/4/98)
bullet A writing I strongly agree with shared by Nancy Mathewson (7/4/98)
bullet Poem on Hugs shared by Nancy Mathewson  (7/4/98)
bullet Alauna's New Baby Sister by Pam Gay  (7/4/98)
bullet Sweet Baby Ryan by Molly Madison  (6/24/98)
bullet God Gives and God Takes by Bobby and Vickie McDaniel  (6/13/98)
bullet Remembering Baby Nick by Amy Baker  (6/11/98)
bullet Our Angel Jesse by Kaye Keith (5/29/98)
bullet The ache of empty arms supplied by Jerome Greene (5/24/98)
bullet 1st Birthday by Pam Gay (5/12/98)
bullet My Story by Elizabeth S. Knight (5/12/98)
bullet I never wanted an angel by Madyson Kay Landrum's Daddy (5/2/98)
bullet Zachary Owen Ryan by Heidi Ryan  (4/26/98)
bullet These Tears by Mary K. Beno  (4/26/98)
bullet Upon The Anniversary Of A Short Life Ended by Ernest Slyman (4/18/98)
bullet Kailey's First Easter Basket by Gina Ramsey  (4/18/98)
bullet Christopher William Beno by Mark Beno  (4/15/98)
bullet Madyson Kay Landrum by Dianna Landrum (4/15/98)
bullet For The Love of PJ by Darlene Buth  (4/15/98)
bullet My Poems in Memory of Kailey Madison Ramsey by Gina Ramsey  (4/6/98)
bullet Morgan Jabusch by Brenda King Jabusch  (4/6/98)
bullet Our Daughter ... Alauna Jean Gay by Pam Gay (3/22/98)
bullet My sweet baby boy by Sheshoka Sottak (3/20/98)
bullet For Joel and Us by Jim Roscoe (3/16/98)
bullet To All Parents by Kelly Callaway (3/12/98)
bullet Ode to Bowdrie by Harlan Bellander (3/11/98)
bullet Yesterday .......... by Andra"98" (3/8/98)
bullet Happy Birthday Zachary by Jean561@aol.com (3/3/98)
bullet Kelsey Nicole Cryer by Betti Cryer (3/3/98)
bullet Yesterday it happened to me by Carol Barbera (3/3/98)
bullet Connor, I Love You by Connor's Dad  (2/16/98)
bullet Cheyenne's brother from Crissy2400@aol.com (2/16/98)
bullet Why, Oh Why by Irene Morgan   (2/10/98)
bullet Five Years Today by Kelly Alexander (2/10/98)
bullet Forevermore by Seymour Ziegelman  (2/4/98)
bullet Special readings for Janette Adele by Susan, Janette's Grandmother (2/4/98)
bullet To my darling angel by Angela Davis (2/2/98)
bullet My Story by Angela Davis (2/2/98)
bullet Julia A. Salisbury Hansen by Andra "97" (2/2/98)
bullet Alauna J. Gay by Andra "97" (2/2/98)
bullet Garrett Keith Callaway by Kelly Callaway  (2/2/98)
bullet Sean Thomas Daly by Terry and Chuck Daly, and Carolyn Campbellton   (1/25/98)
bullet Madison by Torie Cavaleri  (1/25/98)
bullet I Never Felt ... by Cassandra Ritter (1/25/98)
bullet Heaven's Astronaut by Irene Morgan  (1/18/98)
bullet If last night's dreams came true today by Andra Hoffman (1/15/98)
bullet A Mustard Seed shared by Barbara Knebel (1/12/98)
bullet Little Angel Sherry Fletcher  (1/12/98)
bullet Our Recent Loss by JSilas7965@aol.com (1/9/98)
bullet My Darling Son by Belinda Helser (1/9/98)
bullet Feeling Sorry by Joanna Durst (1/9/98)
bullet Like An Angel by Aunt Cathy Malone (1/6/98)
bullet Joe's First Anniversary by Judy Rainey (1/5/98)
bullet Charlie, You Must Have Been An Angel by Patsy & Scott Fleming  (1/5/98)
bullet It's Been Too Long ... by Jo Gail Dolenski   (1/3/98)
bullet A Letter From Heaven by Belinda Helser (12/29/97)
bullet Christmas #3 by Diana Russell  (12/24/97)
bullet Little Man by Sarah DeLaune Bankert (12/22/97)
bullet I have a new grandson ... by Pattie, Zach's Nana  (12/15/97)
bullet Our Borrowed Angel by Jennifer King  (11/29/97)
bullet My Baby Has Died by NFlem59867@aol.com  (11/29/97)
bullet The second happiest 5th birthday for Willie by Ned Balzer (11/12/97)
bullet Good Bye Nathan by Diana Russell and Todd Gagneau  (11/12/97)
bullet Isaac David by Carrie Stier  (11/1/97)
bullet Isaac's Poem shared by Carrie Stier  (11/1/97)
bullet Web site tribute to Rachel and Justin by Karen and Jonathon Andell (10/26/97)
bullet A Little Story by Terry Quiring (10/26/97)
bullet Through the Eyes of a Day Care Provider by Sharon Russell (9/28/97)
bullet Heavenly Kisses For Lucas by Debbie and Steve Ruggiero (9/25/97)
bullet Happy 1st Birthday Pauly by Pauly's Mommy, Therisa (9/25/97)
bullet So Alone... by Paul T Mendez (9/24/97)
bullet A Letter to Justin Robert Bonwit by Justin's Dad (8/27/97)
bullet Reflections on the death of an Angel by Janel Quiring (8/6/97)
bullet To my family: by Maria Gallagher (6/29/97)
bullet The Connor I knew and remember by Rick ---Connor's dad (6/22/97)
bullet To Mother and Father by Diane Rodgers (6/22/97)
bullet Children of The Universe by Jonathan Murphy (6/22/97)
bullet "What Kind of Parent Was I?" bySandy Colby (6/19/97)
bullet Bryan, Jaycie Arisa by Jay and Angie Bryan (6/10/97)
bullet The Bear I Once Knew by Robert Ullenbruch (5/25/97)
bullet What little angels do for fun by andrea@mint.net (5/24/97)
bullet Kymberlees' Windchimes by andrea@mint.net (5/24/97)
bullet Not This Time offered by Joanne Riven (5/24/97)
bullet "His Journey's Just Begun...." " by Lisa Adams (5/24/97)
bullet "A Touch of Love" by Jo Gail Dolenski (5/24/97)
bullet "For those who can't have more children" " by Shannon Wylie (5/17/97)
bullet Jared's Song by Steve Woods (5/11/97)
bullet "A Word With Boo" by Jo Gail Dolenski (5/11/97)
bullet "Heaven's Nursery" by Jo Gail Dolenski (5/11/97)
bullet What Should Have Been Meg's Fifth Year by Deb Mihalko (5/11/97)
bullet My Family and Me! by Beth Anne Leathers (5/11/97)
bullet Our Grief May Be Different by Peggy Kerner Pereira (5/4/97)
bullet More Memorials That I've Collected by Jim Hoekzema (4/30/97)
bullet My Little Angel by Paula Hoekzema (4/29/97)
bullet Sour Cream...... by Shannon Wylie (4/26/97)
bullet First Birthday In Heaven modified version submitted by Patti Stottle (4/19/97)
bullet Spring Morning shared by Ned Balzer (4/18/97)
bullet That Day by Edmond Kett (4/18/97)
bullet A laugh and a cry a baby by Edmond Kett (4/16/97)
bullet It is about love by Edmond Kett (4/16/97)
bullet "Missing Boo" by Jo Gail Dolenski (4/16/97)
bullet Misty by Kim (4/14/97)
bullet In Heaven He Will Wait by Jo Gail Dolenski (3/15/97)
bullet Jedidiah's Lullaby by Louise Hogan (3/15/97)
bullet He would have been twelve today... by Nancy Eckert (3/15/97)
bullet Polishing the Memories by Janice Roper (2/7/97)
bullet Simple Wishby Wesley and Shanan Stewart (2/7/97)
bullet Whole by Jeannie, Donny, Kelsay & Tori Nelson (1/29/97)
bullet Our Story On SIDS by RDVDEEM@aol.com (1/11/97)
bullet Goodnight Emmy Sue From Grandpa Perkins (1/11/97)
bullet Ninja Baby by Andrew Clark (12/10/96)
bullet My Ariel and Me by Debbie Bicklein (12/10/96)
bullet Crying by Angie Petersen (12/10/96)
bullet Pooh by Angie Petersen (12/10/96)
bullet Crying For My Baby by Ann Douglas (12/10/96)
bullet The "If Only" Game by Lisa Sculley (12/10/96)
bullet A SIDS Uncle's Experience by Dan Balzer (12/10/96)
bullet Common Threads by Debbie Gemmill (11/3/96)
bullet Ty's 15th birthday by Debbie Gemmill (10/30/96)
bullet Death, Dreams, and SIDS by Aunty Jenn (10/30/96)
bullet Ode To Sean by Daniel Ortiz (10/17/96)
bullet 89 Days of Sunshine by Jonathon Andell (10/16/96)
bullet Our son Alex by Troy Morones (10/13/96)
bullet How NOT to Treat a SIDS Survivor by Darlene Buth (9/30/96)
bullet "Birthday celebration" by Debbie and Steve Ruggiero (9/28/96)
bullet Missing Danny at the Beach by Janice Roper (9/24/96)
bullet Angels Are Rare by Kim Smith (9/21/96)
bullet For Mommy on Mother's Day by Tyler's Dad (9/5/96)
bullet "Tyler Days" by Angie Petersen (9/5/96)
bullet Searching by Anonymous (8/25/96)
bullet My empty arms are crying by Pamela K. Johnson (8/18/96)
bullet Forever Expecting Max by Jennifer McBride (8/12/96)
bullet A Mother's Anatomy by Jennifer McBride (8/12/96)
bullet How Does One Weep by Anna Wilson (8/12/96)
bullet The Moon is Coming With Us by Janice Roper (8/1/96)
bullet Questions from Friends & Family by Rachael Nix (8/1/96)
bullet A Gift Gone by Wesley and Shanan Stewart (8/1/96)
bullet An Open Letter to Friends and Family by Nancy Eckert (8/1/96)
bullet Guilt vs. Regret by Christy Prough (7/31/96)
bullet Having Subsequent Children by Nancy Eckert (7/28/96)
bullet Happy Birthday, Kristopher by Kerstin Solorio (7/13/96)
bullet Bad day for a "used-to-be" big brother by Tina Worley (7/13/96)
bullet One Year Ago ... by Nancy Eckert (7/13/96)
bullet Whole Note by Debbie Gemmill (7/13/96)
bullet Like a Snowflake by Laura Christofk (7/5/96)
bullet "Winged Butterfly" by Julia Chen (6/11/96)
bullet "Three months and 29 days" by Debbie Sanchez (6/11/96)
bullet "Daniel's Story" by Chris Gervais (6/11/96)
bullet "Last Day" by Debbie Gemmill (6/11/96)
bullet To my sweet Jessica Lynn by Anna Wilson (6/11/96)
bullet Psalm 23 for Jessica by Marlys Wilson (5/27/96)
bullet A Rosebud by Virginia Cheeney (5/27/96)
bullet Kyle John Cole by Kyle's Father, John Cole (5/19/96)
bullet Wesley Elijah Johnson ("Pooh") by Connie Johnson (5/18/96)
bullet "A Poem For Jessica's Birthday" by "Uncle" Mike (5/18/96)
bullet "Skye Marie" by Cheryl Bagge (5/6/96)
bullet "A Sign From An Angel" by Debbie Sanchez (4/21/96)
bullet "A Poem for Tyler" by his Mommy, Monique McCormack (4/20/96)
bullet "Brother of Mine" by Dawn M. Czech, written for Jordan Christopher Happke (4/20/96)
bullet Missing Youby Evan's Daddy, Tom (4/20/96)
bullet Renae Anneby Sandy Colby (4/15/96)
bullet Don't ask if you really don't want to knowby Debbie Sanchez (3/31/96)
bullet "Thoughts from Rachel's Father" by Jonathon L. Andell (3/31/96)
bullet "Coping" by Janice Roper (3/31/96)
bullet " Could You Please Just Listen?" by Debbie Gemmill (3/31/96)
bullet "My Life" by Sharon A. Dunn (3/31/96)
bullet "Three Years Later" by Ned Balzer (3/26/96)
bullet "Life After SIDS" by Kerstin Solorio (3/26/96)
bullet "Portraits for Easter" by Anonymous (3/21/96)
bullet Twenty-Five Years Later" by Kathleen and John (3/18/96)
bullet We Love You "Baby Cole!!" by Mommy, Daddy and (3/16/96)
bullet "Matthew Robert Conrad" by Emily Conrad (3/5/96)
bullet "Pain's Destination" by Janice Roper (3/4/96)
bullet "Emotional Snapshots" by Jan Estes (2/28/96)
bullet "Jeannie" by Jeannie's Aunt (2/27/96)
bullet "Good-Bye" by Angie Petersen (2/26/96)
bullet "Dear Son" by Anonymous (2/23/96)
bullet Song Of A Son by Matthew Holm (2/18/96)
bullet "Thank you" by Anonymous (2/14/96)
bullet The Day Begins by Janice Roper (2/12/96)
bullet A Message For Our Sonby Ellen Siska (2/10/96)
bullet First Anniversaryby Clay and Kelli Grey (2/10/96)
bullet The Deathby Jessica Beymer, 13yrs. old, (2/10/96)
bullet Francis, Feb 27 - March 20, 1994, by Carl Hommel (2/8/96)
bullet Gwen, Sept. 20-27, 1989, by Carl Hommel (updated 2/8/96)
bullet My Beautiful Infant Sonby Michelle Amato (1/30/96)
bullet Measure the Loss by Janice Roper (1/30/96)
bullet Colors Of My Grief by Rachael Nix (1/30/96)
bullet One Parent's Thoughts on Monitoring by Dana Siegal (1/28/96)
bullet "Loving Farewell" by Debbie and Steve Ruggiero (1/27/96)
bullet "Forget Me Not" by Debbie Gemmill (1/21/96)
bullet "Safe In Jesus' Arms" by Mark Coppin (1/20/96)
bullet "The Day Before You Died" by Jan Estes (1/15/96)
bullet "The Colors of Pain" by Janice Roper (1/15/96)
bullet "A Life Sentence" by Anonymous (1/14/96)
bullet "The Things We Share" by Dawn M. Czech (1/11/96)
bullet "Oh Danny" by Janice Roper (1/11/96)
bullet "Thomas" by Kathy (1/11/96)
bullet "The Locket"by Beverley Atkinson (1/9/96)
bullet White Bears... And Other Forbidden Thoughtsby Jane Howe (1/8/96)
bullet "Garage Sale" by Jane Howe (1/8/96)
bullet "Okay, Time's Up" by Jane Howe (1/8/96)
bullet "I'll Carry You In My Heart" by Jan Todd (1/7/96)
bullet "Christmas With You" by Anonymous (1/3/96)
bullet "Jaytecia" by Yasheta Wilhelmina (12/10/95)
bullet "There Is One Picture That Never Changes"by Jane Lauhon (11/21/95)
bullet "Mathew Arend Gaalswijk" by Peter Gaalswijk. A poem from When the Bough Breaks II (11/18/95)
bullet "After the Storm" by Debbie Gemmill (11/4/95)
bullet A Death in the Family by Jay Mihalko, SIDS sibling (10/27/95)
bullet One Hundred Lives (10/18/95)
bullet A Family's Happiness Destroyed As told to Michelle Perry by Joan Winslow (10/18/95)
bullet Happy Birthday Jeanne Madeline ..., by Karla James (9/4/95)
bullet Jessica would have been seven this week ..., by David Kaplin (9/9/95)
bullet From a Grandparent's Point of View ..., by Sandra Cambell (7/95)
bullet Saying Good-bye, by Alyn Dutkiewicz (7/95)

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